Why Join?

"I joined Sweet Adelines for the singing and stayed for the education, personal growth and FRIENDSHIPS!   The musical education I have received from the organization surpasses many classes that I have had at the university level.  I am constantly renewed and amazed by the fresh perspectives presented in each event I attend."

"Quality singing, learning new material and techniques, lasting friendships and laughter "make my TuesDAYs."

"I have sung many styles of music, and a cappella is my favorite.  But ringing chords in 4-part Barbershop style gives me the greatest thrill of all.  I hope I'm still enjoying this hobby when I am old and grey!"

"I loved being at regional competition with my chorus! We were so excited and thrilled to perform! Loved being a part of this awesome group!"

"The friendships I've found within Sweet Adeline's fill my heart and soul as much as the music does."

"My favorite memory of our regional competition was the chorus pizza party after the contest when we sang In My Life to our director"

"There is nothing like ringing chords with your best friends! Sweet Adelines is definitely a participation sport!"

"My favorite moment of contest weekend is that final moment in the lobby when everyone shows up in costume and makeup ready to show what we can do.  The excitement in the room is palpable."

"Waiting backstage, the moment before you take the stage with your singing sisters - that's the best feeling in the world!"


*responses from IEC members