Everyone looks forward to the Double Quartet Contest at Region 21 Summer Regional. This is a novice event, in which eight women temporarily create a double quartet to perform and entertain with humorous parodies. Good quality barbershop harmony is expected and judged as part of the lighthearted contest. Regular Sweet Adelines scoring is used but the judges don’t have to be official trained judges, and many people believe they can be bribed with M&Ms. Although winning the First Place trophy for best singing is rewarding, nothing matches the excitement of winning the Golden Banana, the trophy given for the funniest and most entertaining performance.

This year, the IEC BAB Girls won both! Their first song, Good Old Barbershop, was a Doo Wop influenced song highlighting the characteristics and vocal range of each part: lead, baritone, bass and tenor. Their second song was a parody of It’s My Song, titled It’s My Thong. Our very own talented Pam Consoli wrote music and lyrics for Good Old Barbershop, and wrote the parody lyrics for It’s My Thong.


IEC BAB Girls win First Place